Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Special Benefits From Visiting the Tidepools

Visiting the Corona Del Mar tidepools offers many special benefits that will allow students to gain valuable knowledge, explore a part of the ocean world, and understand the sea life that inhabit this area. Students will have the opportunity to walk along the beach, climb large rocks, and visit a designated marine life area to indulge their senses.  They will listen to the sounds of the ocean as the waves spill along the shore and splash against the rocks;  smell the saltiness of the water in the air; and feel the tiny grains of sand between their fingers, the smooth ocean breeze around their body, and the cool water on their feet.  They will see the beautiful scenery of the ocean, birds, and small creatures that walk the shore and live in the water.  This fieldtrip site will adhere to the multiple learning styles of each student as they engage in a constructivist approach learning about the aquatic life.


  1. This will surely be an experience that the students can learn from as well as enjoy.

  2. The links that you included in this site are great resources. Thanks for all the great photos. Good work on your blog!
    Dr. G