Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preparation for the Exploration

There are several items that should be addressed to prepare the students before they explore the tidepools:

  1. Safety issues and rules.  There are safety rules for the students and for the tidepool animals.  Students must make sure that they have a teacher, parent volunteer, or buddy with them as they explore the area.  Students should watch out for slippery rocks that are in and out of the water and for crumbling cliffs.  Students may not step on any of the animals as they explore the tidepool, especially sea urchins and jellyfish.  Students need to keep a close eye on the tides.  Students should handle tidal pool creatures gently and always put them back where they were found.  No animal should be collected and taken home because they are for observation only.  Lastly, students will not litter  and be responsible to clean up their trash.  
  2. Food and Sunscreen.  Students will be in the sun for several hours.  They should bring the proper gear such as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect their body from the sun.  Also, a secure pair of sandals or shoes (water shoes) would be the most appropriate type of foot gear for this fieldtrip.  Students will be climbing on and around rocks which may be slippery when wet.  Students will provide their personal lunch along with plenty of fluids to keep them hydrated and full of energy.
  3. Life in the Tidepools.  Students will need to know the sea life that resides in the tidepool area.  Students will be provided with a mini handout which will consist of two pages for the students to complete.  The first sheet will list the name and picture of the animals that may be seen in the tidepool area.  The second sheet will provide students with space to write down the name of the animal they spotted along with its physical characteristics.  They will also be responsible for plants and rocks that they observed in the area.  This will give students the opportunity to be little scientists and actively engage them in the exploration.

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