Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Intertidal Zone

"The intertidal zone extends from the wave-splashed rocks down to the low tide zone. There are many different kinds of animals in each of the different zones. Some animals that can't stay out of the water for long are found in the low tide zone. Other animals like limpets and snails live by the splash zone because they can stay out of the water longer."

Low Tide Zone - crabs, sculpins, sea urchins, abalones, barnacles, and anemones

Mid Tide Zone - goose barnacles, mussels, chitons, sea sacks, and ochre stars

High Tide Zone - periwinkles, limpets, shore crabs, and turban snails

Splash Zone- periwinkles and limpets


*pictures courtesy of yelp.com

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  1. I really LOVE your pictures! They are beyond awesome. I've been to this place and I did not have a camera but wish I had. Great idea to explain the different tide zones and what sea life they posses. Great job!